Thank You For Manning The Watch!

Thank you brother. Thank you sister!

Thank you for the selfless act of volunteering.

Thank you for putting it on the line every day.

Thank you for your paying with body, mind and soul the ultimate sacrifice.

We are here because of you. We will prevail red, white and blue because of you.

Our country would have died long ago if we left it to pure politics. It’s your selfless acts, and your vow to fight for freedom that keeps this democracy in tact.

Thank you will never be enough, but none the less, thank you for manning the watch!

You’re in my thoughts and prayers every day, a bit more so today!

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sucuri!

I bid fair winds and following seas to what became my ship the last few years, Sucuri!

In life, there are only but few constants. As humans, we tend to latch onto variables that are comfortable, and easy for us, but this can be a dangerous proposition. Perhaps we can become too comfortable, and over time, we may find ourselves not nurturing those variables in a way that helps us, or those around us to succeed in the smartest way possible.

As CEO and Co-founder, I am proud of the role I have had at Sucuri over the last 4 years, but I have reached that point of comfort. Building and scaling a company is not about the CEO, or about being that guy that goes at it alone, it’s about building a team. It’s about building a team smarter than you, and as passionate in the vision as you are. We have built the right team!

What started as a 2-person part-time hobby between Daniel Cid and myself has turned into a multi-million dollar, 30+ employee company. A company that services millions of unique monthly scans, monitors thousands of websites, and makes sure that 100′s of websites are cleared of malware daily. We have helped a lot of people, and I get goose bumps thinking about those successes. This has been an epic experience!

I write this with bittersweet feelings, and others of great excitement. I am truly honored to be writing to you today about my brother-in-law, my friend, my colleague, Tony Perez. Tony is now the new CEO of Sucuri Inc. Without hesitation I can say that Tony will continue to build what will become the future of website security. He has helped build this ship from the early days, and there is no one better to take the helm. This is an exciting time for Sucuri Inc!

What’s next for me? Well, the ship we built is sailing in the right direction with a capable skipper and crew. I hope that my future adventures allow me to take command of a young and new ship some day. Odds are good I’d say. After all, the seas will continue to offer limitless opportunities for those willing to roger up!

If I were a betting man, I’d say you’ll see something awesome sailing from my direction sometime soon! Who knows, maybe the next Sucuri.

See you around folks!

Dre Armeda. Departing.

My BMW 535i – Silver Bullet

I have always wanted a Bimmer, and I finally got one at the end of last year. I opted to stay in the 5-series body, I bought a 2012 535i.

Stock 2012 BMW 535i

Over the last couple months I have tinkered and toyed a bunch and even named the car – The Silver Bullet. It has been modified to have a more aggressive stance, and looks and feels very different from when I first drove it off the lot.

I will follow up with a more comprehensive breakdown of what was done, but for now, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure:

My Interview on Doubt The Doubts

A few weeks back I was interviewed by Paul Blais, Founder & Host of the Doubt The Doubts Podcast. The podcast is one of the top podcast in iTunes and focuses on “Killing The Doubts That Kill The Dreams”. During the podcast we talked about finding the right resources and not depending entirely upon yourself. Hire to compliment your weakness because your strengths are all ready there.

In the interview Paul drew out of me not only my story, but also some struggles I went through, successes I found, and then he finished the interview drawing out what he calls my sage wisdom. I would love for you to hear the story of my journey. Take a listen below and let me know what you think.